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Mona strives to empower women to take control of their hormonal and reproductive journey the all natural way. We know in our hearts that there must be a natural remedy to help alleviate unwanted symptoms of irregular cycles, PMS and painful periods. We are removing the hassle of preparing the seeds used in seed balancing to make this alternative to regulating hormones an easy no-brainer.




It's Just Four Seeds

Hormone imbalance and irregular periods are no stranger to most women. Whether regulating for conception, or coping with the daily struggle of difficult periods and painful PMS symptoms, seed balancing is a natural method to help alleviate the unwanted period blues.

Conquering your hormones, while conquering your life.

Seed balancing is not a new phenomenon and we’re not the first company to introduce it. Our goal is to create a product that adapts to you with ease. Our on-the-go daily seed packs are easy to integrate into your normal diet and provide the flexibility you want to keep you seed balancing for the long haul.

“I’ve read about seed cycling for regulating your period in the past and was always interested in trying it. After trying it myself, the daily grinding and storage of the seeds was always such a process.  MONA took care of all the heavy lifting.”

Kate, NYC

“The side effects of hormonal birth control were taking a huge toll on my mental and physical health, so I started looking for natural options to regulate and balance my hormones. I like the flexibility that Mona offers to incorporate the benefits of seed cycling into my daily routine, with the option of adding it to my already designed food regimen.” 

Shannah, NYC

"After 1.5 years of trying to get pregnant, with a multitude of fertility treatments, I gave it all up for a more holistic approach to TTC. Seed cycling, coupled with other lifestyle changes, allowed my body to reset and accept a beautiful pregnancy with twins!" 

Danielle, Co Founder - MONA

All seeds. Nothing weird.

Our cycle blends are comprised of organic and fair trade seeds to keep your insides the way they are supposed to be.

Seeds delivered directly to your door.

Sign up for our monthly subscription and stay on top of your seed cycling protocol - we'll do all the heavy lifting.

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Danielle, Co-Founder

Madison, Co-Founder

Meet Our Experts

We've teamed up with a resident naturopathic doctor and registered nutritionist/dietician to bring you the best knowledge out there regarding your holistic health.