Period Pimples 101

Put a finger down if you have ever woken up, gotten your morning cup of matcha and noticed a mountain on your face. You quickly ran through possible causes (poor diet, touching your face, etc.) and then realized – oh GREAT, this means my period is coming? *Puts finger down*

 Did everyone put a finger down? Yeah, us too. 

 Period pimples are the worst! You can have totally clean, clear and glowing skin all month then days before your period is set to make an appearance, you wake up and look like a pepperoni pizza and it lasts through your days of flow. It might even be especially bad around your chin. What gives skin? 

 Your skin responds to many signals, one of which is those fluctuating hormones throughout your cycle. So, what can you expect skin wise each stage of your period? We’ve got you covered!


Follicular Phase

As a quick reminder, let’s revisit follicular phase details. This phase marks the time between the first day of the period and ovulation. During this time, estrogen rises as an egg prepares to be released.


Day 1 – 6: Desert Week

 These first few days of your cycle serves as  the beginning of your menstrual period. As a result, your hormones are at an all-time low. Your skin may look and feel dull, dry and lifeless (ouch). Fine lines and wrinkles are more prominent during these days because your skin is struggling to retain moisture. Additionally, you may see those dreaded pimples due to excess oil feeding on acne-causing bacteria. 


  • Overload on moisturizer to add extra hydration and plump your skin

  • Cutting out sugar and carbs will help prevent breakouts

  • Your skin is super sensitive right now, so avoid painful procedures like waxing


Day 7 – 12: Refresh & Renew

 During this time, your body begins to produce estrogen again stimulating the creation of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. As a result, your complexion begins to feel more plump and youthful. Skin may have a more even tone and feel firmer. 


  • Don’t slack off on good skin care, make sure you are providing your skin nourishment 

  • Try an exfoliator or facial during this time to ramp up the cell turnover process

  • Right after a period your skin is strongest, we recommend hair removal procedures now


Luteal Phase

Now, let’s review the Luteal Phase again. This phase is defined by the time between ovulation and before the start of menstruation, when the body prepares for a possible pregnancy. During this time, progesterone is produced, peaks, and then drops.


Day 13 – 16: Glow Baby

 During ovulation, estrogen is at its peak causing the skin to look (quite honestly) AMAZING. This is when you are truly glowing babe! Moisture is high, pores are small and your skin is working wonders. 


  • Reach for anti aging products like collagen to fight the signs of aging

  • Try a vitamin C serum to enhance that natural glow

  • Avoid using products that clog pores and try oil-free skin care to prepare skin for the following few days


Day 17 – 24: Oil Slick 

Just after ovulation, estrogen plummets and progesterone starts to rise. Progesterone produces sebum, a thick oily substance, which can cause skin to swell, pores to close and could lead to breakouts. Your skin tends to look dull and dark spots are more prominent. 


  • Cleanse your skin regularly 

  • Try a mask to soak up all that oil and clean pores 

  • Hair is also sensitive to hormonal changes and you may see more oil, dandruff or flakiness - try scalp soothing, oil absorbing products 


Day 25 – 28: Spotty Stage

During these days, you are right in the thick of it (literally). Progesterone and estrogen dip below the level of testosterone, causing bloating, puffiness and an oversupply of oil. Pores will look large and in charge. Take extra care to prevent skin problems in the week leading up to your period, which is the time you’re most likely to experience breakouts (including cystic acne found on your chin).


  • Salicylic acid is your best friend – it will clear pores, clean bacteria and prevent breakouts 

  • Drink plenty of water to help keep skin clear and hydrated

  • Avoid processed and salty foods that will cause bloating and swelling


Pain Point No More, MONA Can Help!

Through seed cycling, you get a steady dose of hormones, leveling out progesterone and estrogen. This can help to lessen the blow of period acne, causing your skin to ultimately clear up throughout the month. And that, my babes, is a victory we are willing to take!