Cycle Syncing Workouts

As you know, hormones affect almost every aspect of our lives! The constant ebb and flow causes our skin to go wacky, our appetites to go rogue and our energy and motivation levels to vary. 

Syncing your workouts to the different phases of your period is super beneficial to keep motivation high, keep yourself active and ultimately achieve a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. It allows you freedom to try new workouts, honor what your body is telling you and hone your body’s natural power. When you sync your exercise with your cycle, you can expect to lose weight more sustainably, gain muscle more easily and prevent injury by varying your workouts consistently. 

Sound like something you need to try? Read up on the details below! 


Follicular Phase

Lady in Red: Day 1 - 7

Energy levels are down, down, down, down, down, (Jay Sean anyone?) while you are bleeding, so rest and rejuvenation are key. Pamper yourself, carve out extra time for self-care and take care of your body. During this time, you are more sensitive to pain (it’s the absolute worst), avoid high intensity or impact workouts. Even if you are feeling no discomfort (seed cycling must be working for you *winky face), we recommend keeping workouts mild. Try restorative workouts like walking, yoga and foam rolling. It’s important to listen to your body and figure out what works best for you. If you’re feeling tired, don’t stress, take a day off and binge the new season of Selling Sunsets if needed.

Our Favorites: Evening stroll, stretch or yin yoga


On the Rise: Day 8 - 13

Right after menstruation your hormones are on the rise. During this phase, your brain is sharp and you’re ready to take on challenges (get after that work presentation you’ve been putting off). This is a great time to mix up your usual workout routine, try new physical activities and find new movements you love. Stick to exercises that work up a sweat. Try a dance class, light runs, flow based yoga, hiking or other new types of cardio. Mid-day workouts are best during this phase. During this time of day, estrogen will be low and cortisol levels will be just right for an energy burst.

Our Favorites: Mid-day swim, 305 fitness or tennis


Luteal Phase

Energizer Bunny: Day 14 - 21

Your energy levels are soaring during ovulation. Take advantage of this motivation and choose exercises that will make you SWEAT. High intensity interval training, spinning, boxing and vigorous yoga classes are all great choices. During ovulation, testosterone and estrogen are peaking, maximizing your energy potential (did someone say great sex?). Early-morning workouts are best because you will wake up feeling refreshed and have a ton of energy (is that why I have been getting up with the roosters?). Group settings are also a good choice, since you will be feeling more social and want to connect with others (we LOVE to make friends with our stationary bike neighbor). Go all out girl! 

Our Favorites: Early-morning SoulCycle, Barry’s Bootcamp or Rumble Boxing class


Downhill Slope: Day 22 - 28

Right after ovulation, you will likely have high energy since estrogen and progesterone levels are still up. Opt for early workouts at the beginning of this phase like strength training and intense yoga classes. You will begin to experience PMS symptoms (boo!) as you approach your period, feel free to back off and try lighter forms of exercise. Transition toward early evening, lighter activities. Examples include restorative yoga, stretching, Pilates, barre classes and walking. Although you may experience PMS symptoms, keep moving since it boosts your mood and reduces bloating.

Our Favorites: Morning CorePower (first half of this phase) or Evening PureBarre (second half of this phase)


Get Moving Babe!

When you sync your exercise with your cycle, you’ll better connect with your body and become more in tune with what it wants and needs. As a result, it completely changes your relationship with your body!

So, next time you start your Phase 1 seed pack, try following the workout guidelines above and get syncing!